Arlington Pathfinder

Session 01


Adventure Summary

We all received, in a mysterious manner, a Harrow card, asking us to meet at a location by someone who knew what Gaedren Lamm had done to us. Arriving at the location, we found an empty room, clearly intended for Harrow readings. A note said that our host would return soon, and that we should help ourselves to the bread and wine. After a few minutes, Zellara arrived and introduced herself. She explained that she knew where Gaedren was currently located, but could do little about it herself. After giving us a free Harrow reading, we left to scout the location.

We went to the location and found a rundown fishery in a shady district. Fubdo went to the side entrance, where a door was open. Several children, dressed in rags, were working with smell fish parts, while another “child” lazed around. Fubdo entered the room. hoping to bypass them as an adult that they should ignore. The other “child” turned out to be a gnome supervisor, also dressed in rags. He told Fubdo that the deliveries weren’t ready yet and would be made that evening at the usual time. Complaints should be addressed to the front desk. Fubdo then withdrew and told the rest of the party what he learned.

Milo and Basher went into the front office, posing as merchants looking to set up a contract. While it was empty except for a guard dog, a bit of pounding brought Yargin into the room. The learned that barrels of fish scum (forget the exact term) could be bought for a gold piece. Meanwhile, Fubdo went around the side and saw that the door there apparently lead to Yargin’s office, an alchemist who had been an associate of Lamm for several years. The boardwalk around the edge of the building led to a skiff and a small boat. The boat was prevented from sinking only by being tied to the building.

After rejoining, the party decided to create some distractions while attempting to get further into the building looking for Lamm. Fubdo started a fire on one of the carts, while Milo, Basher and [Curebot] went to the front office. Shortly, the gnome noticed the fire and ran into the office to get help. [Curebot] tossed a piece of meat to the dog to distract it, while the others started attacking Yirgan. Shortly, Yirgan was unconscious while the dog was dead. The gnome retreated to the other room, where Milo caused him and several children to fall asleep. Fubdo killed the gnome while the others started to tie up Yirgan.

Fubdo checked the back room, which contained a half-orc, Giggles, who spent the rest of his life laughing. There were also several small children whom Giggles ordered to attack the party. Fubdo and Milo were able to persuade the children that the party intended them no harm and that they should leave. Several of them attacked, fairly ineffectively, with pitchforks and daggers before fleeing the scene. Fubdo and Basher fought with Giggles while Milo argued with some of the last children to be persuaded to leave. Eventually, Giggles was knocked unconscious, but not before Giggles also reduced Fubdo to unconsciousness. After some healing by [Curebot], the party went to investigate the boat. The boat contained several spiders, but nothing of interest.

Through a hole in the floor, Basher found that there was another walkway under the building. Using the skiff, they were able to get to the walkway and the room under the front of the building. Upon entering, they found Gaedron Lamm, who insulted each member, then fired a hand crossbow into the water. This caused Gobblegut, Gaedron’s pet crocodile, to come to the surface. Fighting ensued, with Gobblegut attacking at random. Shortly thereafter, Gobblegut dragged an unconscious Gaedron into the water, never to be seen again.

A small walled off area turned out to be Gaedron’s bedroom, which included several valuable items. It also included Zellara’s Harrow deck, and her well decayed skull.

Interrogating Yirgan revealed much of what we already knew, as well as that the group had stopped selling shiver, as it wasn’t profitable enough for the attention that it drew. After extracting promises from Yirgan, we released him and brought Giggles to the city guard.

We returned to Zellara’s shop, where she manifested in front of us and admitted to what we had already learned. Her Harrow deck is a link which allows her to manifest in our world, and she will be able to do minor favors for us.

On leaving, we heard shouts in the distance and went to investigate. There was a crowd (mob?) shouting. Apparently, the king had just been killed, and the populace was upset. Member of the Sable Guard were flying around the area, and one was injured enough that his gryffon mount fell from the sky. We decide to find a nearby inn and spend the night there.

Basher: I don’t much care to be hoodwinked, even if it is for a good cause. Not that there is much I can do about it, considering the person that tricked us was dead before we even met her. Her info proved valuable, though, since it did lead us to Gaedren Lamm, who I’d been looking to settle a score with for many years. The bastard even had the gall to say that the shiver that killed my friend wasn’t profitable enough. Well, he got what was coming to him. Or rather, Gobblegut got was coming to him. We probably should have just dropped that crazy half-orc into the river for the sharks, too. I don’t know what we were thinking bringing the city watch into it. I guess all the fish guts made us tired of more blood. Lamm certainly had a good stash built up from all the hard work of those kids. That stuff is worth more than I’d make in a year. I’m not letting my eyes off the stuff until it is gold in my pocket. If that means I have to hang around with these other shady characters until we find a good fence, then so be it. They certainly seem to be okay, but I’m not going to trust them with my share of the loot yet.


[All gear is listed, but I’m going to assume you don’t take mundane weapons and armor unless you specifically say so]

Milo will be able to identify all these items by taking 10 on his appraise checks. You can do that once you have a safe place to hole up for the night.

It is up to the PCs to determine how to split up the gear. You do not have a change to sell the gear and shop before the next adventure.

On Yargin:

  • wand of acid splash (28 charges)
  • vial of acid (3)
  • tanglefoot bag (2)
  • thunderstone
  • garnet amulet (100gp)
  • mundane: leather armor, dagger, light crossbow, 10 bolts

On Hookshanks (the gnome):

  • mundane: studded leather armor, kukri, disguise kit

On Giggles:

  • mundane: studded leather armor, light shield, flail

On Gaedren:

  • [all gear lost except:]
  • masterwork hand crossbow

In Gaedren’s Room:

  • narrow teak cigar case inlaid with tiny bits of jade (25gp)
  • 2-pound gold ingot beaing the Cheliax coat of arms (100gp)
  • miniature gold crown (350gp)
  • fist-sized scrimshaw carving of a kraken with garnets for eyes (200gp)
  • silver ring bearing the inscription “For Emmah – the light in my nights” (150gp)
  • highly realistic and highly scandalous ivory figuring of two entwined succubi (450gp)
  • masterwork shuriken
  • adamantine arrowhead
  • abalone-shell holy symbol of Shelyn (300gp)
  • tiny glass tube containing a dose of oil of keen edge
  • obsidian want of magic missile (23 charges)
  • crystalline vial containing a dose of silversheen (vial is worth 50gp)
  • bejeweled brooch with a broken clasp (1,000gp)
  • Zellara’s Harrow Deck

In the first floor cabinet:

  • 200cp, 100sp


910 xp each


  • Dan (GM)
  • Jon (Milo the Sorcerer)
  • Matt (Basher the Fighter)
  • Troy (Fubdo the Rogue)
  • (Kevin missed due to miscommunication about date/time – you still get XP for the session)
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